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Team building enables groups who are working toward a common goal to do so efficiently and effectively. These programs strengthen the cohesion and productivity of your teams. They can assist with a change, such as a merger or acquisition, the start of a new project, or shifts in staffing.

Because each person’s perception of reality is unique to that person, differences in approaches and viewpoints inevitably arise on teams. The more each team member, including the leader, understands these differences and their origins, the better the team functions.

The Management Marketing & Technology Associates' tailored team building efforts:

Begin with perception and resulting differences
• Develop understanding and trust among members
• Construct practices and rules for accomplishing tasks
• Build communication bridges among members
• Create decision-making and problem-solving methods
• Put together conflict resolution agreements

Our successful team building works with ongoing teams, like a senior management group, as well as teams established to accomplish a specific one-time project.

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Whether you have a small family owned business, a large multinational firm or a mid-sized company—today’s businesses recognize one constant; namely, change. Successful organizations see opportunities and take steps to be ahead of the change curve. Inaction creates opportunity for the competition to gain a foothold. This proactive approach requires flexibility and a resource supply that many do not have. Management Marketing & Technology Associates offers the resources through a wide range of change management programs and strategies for successful proactive efforts.

Organizations also lose their competitive edge when they ignore or fail to resolve internal conflicts. Conflicts drain energy from your main business and from the customers. MMT functions as an objective outside influence to settle and work out workplace differences. The result is that everyone can return to the tasks at hand, with their self-respect intact.

Most organizations rely on teams to get their work done. Because a team consists of a group of individuals working toward a common goal, the team’s work is easily sidetracked. Team building provides a way to enable teams to achieve their goals. MMT consultants offer team building to assist any company to get their teams back on track. MMT works with teams and team leaders to clarify team goals, determine barriers that inhibit goal achievement, and develop strategies to remove the barriers.

Communication breakdown and miscommunication result in many (some say most) organizational problems. These problems often recycle through various departments and between certain functional areas. Since most managers and employees spend 60 to 90% of their work days communicating, any improvement to this process can have a significant impact on productivity. In addition, communication is at the heart of effective interpersonal skills.

Many organizations find that regularly scheduled retreats and off site meetings are useful for strategic planning. These sessions offer the chance to “check the company’s pulse” away from the busyness of the workplace. Executives and managers use these times to review marketing and industry data so they can adjust to changes taking place “beyond their walls.” In a relaxed setting, the organization’s leaders can also examine the Mission and Vision to be certain it still fits with current practices and products. When an MMT consultant facilitates a retreat or other meeting, it is well planned, and all attendees can participate fully. More is accomplished.

MMT’s organizational consultants give your organization the edge that other firms wish they had. We provide advisory services that meet your needs to build a successful organization. Some of the most popular services that we have recently provided include:

• Business plans for start-ups
• Mission and vision statements/revisions
• Strategic planning/goal setting facilitation
• Retreats and meeting planning
• Conflict management and resolution
• Team building
• Communication skills development
• Solutions to managerial challenges
• Succession planning/transition management (family owned businesses)

We have the people, techniques and experience to make the difference on your bottom line.

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