Management Marketing & Technology Associates values the collegial relationships we have with businesses and professionals who refer clients to us and to whom we refer clients. This group, perhaps more than any other source of referrals, understands the potential value-added of our services for their clients. Often these partners are in situations where they are working closely with an organization and can see places where that firm can be more successful by employing the management, marketing or technology practices MMT brings.

Sometimes these partners are clients whose business overlaps ours. For example, there are public relations and advertising firms whose websites we have designed while helping with their internet marketing strategies. When they have a client whose marketing and sales could benefit from an updated website or search engine optimization methods, these partners send their clients to us for assistance with driving more potential customers to them.

Attorneys, bankers, accountants and other financial specialists—all are actively involved in various dimensions of their clients’ day to day operations. They see, firsthand, places where MMT’s expertise can improve the ways these businesses function. Some need to be better organized for today’s business environment. Others lack sufficient planning and are moving along willy-nilly and unprepared into their future. Still other clients of these partners are using outdated marketing methods for today’s internet methods. Family owned businesses face transitions to the next generation unaware of the organizational complexities inherent in their situations. These specialists all find partnering with Management Marketing & Technology Associates an advantageous strategy to bring important services to their clients.

If you are a professional who observes these kinds or related needs with your clients, we would like to talk with you about partnering. Please contact us to schedule a convenient time to meet and explore the possibilities.

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