Answers to Common Questions

How will we know that MMT consulting is worth what we pay?

Whenever Management Marketing & Technology Associates begins a client project, we determine the client’s goals. Are they trying to increase sales and/or profitablity? Are they trying to improve morale and decrease turnover? Whatever the goal is, we measure that endpoint before beginning and again after the work is complete. We translate these goals into bottom line, dollar and cent terms. If turnover is at 25%, we calculate the cost of that turnover as closely as possible. When the consulting is complete, we measure turnover and its costs again and compare these numbers with those from pre-project time. If the firm receives 10% of its new clients from the internet, and we create a new website that targets internet marketing techniques, we measure the percentage increase after installing the website and internet marketing measures. In some cases, we also measure the quality of that new business. For example, are new customers purchasing more of the product or service per client/customer than before the new website and marketing methods?

How satisfied are your clients?

The best measure of Management Marketing & Technology Associates client satisfaction is their willingness to recommend our services to other potential clients. At least half our business is from referrals from past clients. Our design work is among the best; our consultation services consistently target the issue source not just the symptoms of the difficulty. We are viewed as knowledgeable and capable. Clients routinely find us responsive and innovative. MMT views clients as partners in the process, so when a project or consultation is complete, the clients can easily pick up where we left off, feeling well prepared. We help clients to remain independent and to use us as advisors. In other words, MMT teaches clients how to fish for themselves instead of only giving them the needed fish.

What’s Management Marketing & Technology Associates approach to branding?

Our goal is always to maximize client exposure and appeal to potential consumers of their products and/or services. Together we determine the kind of branding image our customers want to convey. Then we create a marketing strategy that emphasizes that brand image to the external world. Our designs are original and consistently attract a high caliber of prospective customers for our clients. We work collaboratively and quickly, setting clear expectations of responsibilities and accountabilities. Once we agree on the one that best reflects their image or brand, we complete the design work and submit the draft for their approval.


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